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Only 4 Days Left to get your KS Goodies!

Friends! There are only FOUR DAYS LEFT to get your Kickstarter goodies. If you want a poster, a t-shirt, a flask, tickets to "Valentine's Day for Broken Hearts" or a hand-crafted piano key necklace, now is the time. We've already reached our First Stretch Goal, which is incredible. I get to record a beautiful» Read More

Almost There!

Friends! I can't believe we are only $189 away from our first stretch goal. How is this even happening? If we tip it over the edge and reach $7,000, I will record a beautiful secret holiday song for exclusive release to backers only. You'll get it straight to your inbox» Read More

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About Rabbit Quinn

San Francisco-based pianist, vocalist and songwriter Rabbit Quinn crafts otherworldly fables reminiscent of unconventional piano rock storytellers such as Kate Bush, Nina Simone, Tom Waits and Tori Amos. History, myth and literature transform Quinn’s footprints into compositions which are delicate, dark and romantic.
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