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No Show at Red Rock Tonight!

Hi Friends! I was scheduled for a gig tonight at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View, but unfortunately I am beyond sick and will not be able to perform. I'm bummed to say the least. I have a solo set at Sofa Festival in San Jose tomorrow at 5:30 at» Read More

Summer Solo Tour

Hi Friends! I'm going on a little solo tour this summer up to Seattle and back. Here's a list of the dates, and they are also on the "Shows" page. Hope to see you at one of them! :) » Read More

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About Rabbit Quinn

San Francisco-based pianist, vocalist and songwriter Rabbit Quinn crafts otherworldly fables reminiscent of unconventional piano rock storytellers such as Kate Bush, Nina Simone, Tom Waits and Tori Amos. History, myth and literature transform Quinn’s footprints into compositions which are delicate, dark and romantic.
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