Only 4 Days Left to get your KS Goodies!

December 12, 2016

Friends! There are only FOUR DAYS LEFT to get your Kickstarter goodies. If you want a poster, a t-shirt, a flask, tickets to “Valentine’s Day for Broken Hearts” or a hand-crafted piano key necklace, now is the time.

We’ve already reached our First Stretch Goal, which is incredible. I get to record a beautiful Secret Christmas Song for my lovely backers and message it to them on 12/20.


What happens if we reach our Second Stretch Goal? I’ll bust open a can of whimsy and make a little music video covering Wham’s “Last Christmas” featuring my handsome boyfriend’s lovely sphinx cats Oolong & Sencha, festively dressed to thrill. If you’ve never seen naked cats before, they are hideously adorable.



Thank you so much to those of you who have already pledged. You’ve given me the opportunity to make something beautiful and put it out into the world. This has been a wild ride and I feel truly blessed to have so much love, support and anticipation for this upcoming album. If you cannot contribute, then please show your love by sharing. Happy Holidays!


You are beautiful. 


Rabbit Quinn

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