Music Video Time!! Online Fundraiser Show this Saturday!

March 16, 2017

Friends! Tune in this Saturday at 3:00pm-3:30pm on Stageit to see me play a live show from my living room! I am holding a live-streaming concert to help raise the last few hundred dollars I need to make my VERY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO. I really want this to happen. For obvious reasons.
Tickets are $3.50, but you can tip whatever you want! Please share and help spread the word.
After the Kickstarter got me some attention, award-winning filmmaker Kindrid Parker and I connected on Facebook and he heard my song, “Voodoo Man”. It was a match made in heaven. We both have the same spooky, weirdly visceral, film noir vision for the video and he is so gracious he offered to do the video at cost. That’s incredible. He is donating his time for free, and we just need enough to pay the crew and get supplies (MANNEQUINS. LIKE, SO MANY MANNEQUINS).
I am very aware of how 90’s this is going to be AND I DONT GIVE DAMN. Broken mirrors, candles, black and white, real raw beating hearts, voodoo dolls. It’s going to be glorious….
People have already donated $700 – because my fans are insanely awesome. <3 I only have to raise and $300 to $500 to make it happen…help it be real!!
:D :D :D

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