My First Ever Music Video has Launched!

August 10, 2017

AHHHHH! IT’S HERE!!! My very first music video is up for the world to see.

It’s for the track “Voodoo Man” off my upcoming album Painted Fan which is coming out on 8/25, the day of my HUGE release show at the Cafe du Nord! This song is about the crushing helplessness of unrequited passion. It feels like you are under it’s spell, and trapped by your own desire. Is it love, or is it the illusion of love?

Please share and comment and tell me all your thoughts! So nervous. :D :D :D

Music Video Sneak Peek!

August 3, 2017

Friends! Want a SNEAK-PEEK of my first ever MUSIC VIDEO? If you want to see it before it launches next week, click the think below, sign up for my mailing list and then be directed to a secret preview site. :D Woot!

Thank you to my director, Kindred Parker is brilliance and instincts. I feel so lucky to have been able to work with you. Thank you to the crew, Basil Holloway for your cinema skills. A special thank you to all the friends who came together to fund and lend me props and make this work happen. Special thank you to Leslie Story for the killer dress. Victoria Victrola for the incredible staging. Cynthia Woish for being a hell of an assistant.

<3 <3 <3

New Website is LIVE

August 1, 2017

Friends! My beautiful brand new website is LIVE!!! Stop on by and take a look around…. :) Thank you Steven Gomez for all your wonderful work. <3 <3 <3



New Website Sneak Peek!

July 27, 2017

Friends! I have a brand SPANKIN’ new website designed by the very talented Steven Gomez. It is absolutely beauuuutiful. If you want a sneak peek at it before it launches next week, click the think below, sign up for my mailing list and then be directed to a secret preview site. :) Woot!

Here’s a little treat for you, my official cover of “Fell on Black Days”!

July 25, 2017

May I present my humble cover of “Fell on Black Days” by Soundgarden. Chris Cornell was important to me as an artist and this song in particular was very special to me growing up.

I made an iPhone video of this cover as a tribute to him the day he died, and people really responded to it. It got about 4,000 views and dozens of shares. The outpouring of positive responses was heartwarming and amazing. So, I decided to do a proper recording, while I am waiting for the album to finish being mixed and mastered.

All proceeds from this cover will go towards my upcoming Album Release/Birthday Show at the Cafe du Nord on Friday 8/25 to cover the cost of treats, decorations, paying the support bands and my own musicians.

Special thanks to John Adams for recording and mixing this song at Bunker 3.0. As always, his work turned out amazing.

Thank you, please purchase if you listen (it’s only $2!), share and enjoy!


Soundgarden no fade