Show posters came in!!!!

July 13, 2017

Soooo pretty! I will be selling signed ones at the Cafe du Nord Album Release Party on 8/25!!


Cafe Du Nord 8/25!!

June 20, 2017

Friends! TICKETS ARE LIVE for my birthday show/album release at Cafe du Nord on Friday 8/25! Thank you to R.Black for this gorgeous poster design.

We only have 5 VIP Date Night Packages available because the venue is small and I anticipate they will sell out quickly. Grab em’ while their hot!



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Music Video Time!! Online Fundraiser Show this Saturday!

March 16, 2017

Friends! Tune in this Saturday at 3:00pm-3:30pm on Stageit to see me play a live show from my living room! I am holding a live-streaming concert to help raise the last few hundred dollars I need to make my VERY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO. I really want this to happen. For obvious reasons.
Tickets are $3.50, but you can tip whatever you want! Please share and help spread the word.
After the Kickstarter got me some attention, award-winning filmmaker Kindrid Parker and I connected on Facebook and he heard my song, “Voodoo Man”. It was a match made in heaven. We both have the same spooky, weirdly visceral, film noir vision for the video and he is so gracious he offered to do the video at cost. That’s incredible. He is donating his time for free, and we just need enough to pay the crew and get supplies (MANNEQUINS. LIKE, SO MANY MANNEQUINS).
I am very aware of how 90’s this is going to be AND I DONT GIVE DAMN. Broken mirrors, candles, black and white, real raw beating hearts, voodoo dolls. It’s going to be glorious….
People have already donated $700 – because my fans are insanely awesome. <3 I only have to raise and $300 to $500 to make it happen…help it be real!!
:D :D :D

Cute New Press

Oh cool! Found out there was a cute little review and some photos from that “Moving Panoramas” show I opened for last May at Above DNA. :)
“Her voice filled the room and managed to hush the few people who were talking. She commands attention with both her piano playing as well as her vocals.”
Full review here:

Hello From The Trenches!

March 1, 2017

Hello Friends!
Album Update! So, the album was supposed to drop today, but as I’m sure you’ve gathered, it is not happening. After we started working on the album tracks we had from the Hyde Street Sessions…we realized with great depression that they just weren’t going to cut it and needed to be redone. It wasn’t the performances, it was the way it was recorded. So we did the entire album again at Tiny Telephone in Oakland under the guidance of the incredibly talented Maryam Qudus (Doe Eye). The results are fantastic.
One of the biggest challenges of recording an album is getting it right. As it turned out we needed to switch out players, and studios and approaches to get it right. I want to make a thoughtful, ambitious record. Not just pump out the songs and be done with it. I know the album was supposed to drop today, but I need more time to realize this vision.
We still have to finish all the final vocals (starting next week) and record the guest artists, then mix and master. But the foundation is there and it is SO. CRAZY. GOOD. I apologize for keeping you waiting, but trust me, it will be worth it. I think that’s what you invested in. You trusted me to create something gorgeous and wonderful and unique and that’s what I’m doing… although not quite on schedule. ;-)
We are planning on releasing the first single, “Voodoo Man” and an accompanying music video (directed by Kindrid Parker at the beginning of May (AHHHH — My very first music video!!) and then the album will drop June 1st.
I’m really blessed to have people looking out for me and saying, “Um, dear… plan a launch.” and then I’m like, “Oh, right. On it.” I’ve started working with a very sweet website building/social media guy Steve Gomez who is building me a new site and helping me plan the big launch to coincide with the album launch. Hence the music video and all these additional plans to help market the album a month before it’s out.

The video will be directed by Kindrid Parker, who I think is a visionary artist. Here is a sample of his work. Forgive me, I went to a really progressive music school that exposed me to the glory of the unusual and it shaped and informs my decisions as an artist. The sound is a little creepy. If it’s too much for you, turn it off and imagine this kind of flickering, moody, atmospheric artsy stuff as a music video with film noir lighting and I think you’ll see how cool and cutting edge this is going to be (there is a “hair” of nudity in this so it’s NSFW):

Before the week of studio recording, “Valentines for Broken Hearts” on 2/10 was a big success! We had a full house, a standing ovation and I was in tears at the end… and it was all filmed. The video is being edited now, and I think you’ll really enjoy it. Those who attended made it absolutely special. <3

Aside from Kickstarter, I haven’t attempted a launch at this scale before, and it is scary and big and full of To-Do’s that only I can get done. I am drinking tons of coffee and soothing myself with the knowledge that at the end of this journey I will have glittering gem of a gift to give to the world I can look back on it and be proud of it for the rest of my life.
You are beautiful, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience and support!